The best airport in the world and the two pesos bill

I recently realized that i have been in far more than 80 different airports (and counting) in my life, so i thought it’s about time to decide which is the best airport i have visited so far. When you travel almost every week, most of the airports look and feel pretty same to you so it’s easy to find one that stands out over the others.

So far, the best airport i have visited is in Asia, more precisely in the island city country of Singapore, it’s called Changi (SIN) and it’s not a regular place, at least not a regular airport, it’s a lot more than that.

For any traveller, efficiency is the key for a nice flight. Being able to arrive and depart on time, go through the check in and security procedures smoothly and being treated nicely is not something common in the world of flying but it’s the usual and most natural thing at Changi. This airport should be a synonym for efficiency in any dictionary and just that makes it one of the best airports i have visited.

Butterfly Garden at Changi Airport But wait, there’s more. Changi isn’t only efficiency… it’s actually a pleasant and interesting place! Changi is a mix between a shopping mall and an aquarium, that also offers a free cinema, free wifi (that works!), spacious lounges, a wide selection of food shops, playgrounds for kids, and even a Butterfly Garden, with more than one thousand butterflies.

It’s big – enormous some people I know would say – but it’s easy to go from one terminal to another using the airport train and if you are making an international connection at Changi, you definitely don’t need to go through the migrations control even if you are flying with different airlines from different alliances which isn’t something as common as you would think and makes you save a lot of time.

Changi Airport The first time i landed there, i was so surprised that i actually took some time of my usual “travel connection routine” (sit, drink a coffe, work), explored the airport and found a lot of interesting things.

One of the most interesting things for me was to sit in the Tiger bar, and found that there was a bill of two argentinean pesos below the glass of my table. I was so amazed by that (an argentinean peso in Singapore!) that I took a picture and tweeted it… and found out that the bill might be the one that a friend of mine left there years before…

Two pesos bill in Changi airport

If you have the chance to travel through or to Singapore, be sure you will enjoy the visit to Changi airport, one of the best airports in the world.


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An expat who lives in airports and works in many things at an information security company
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4 Responses to The best airport in the world and the two pesos bill

  1. I agree… It’s a wonderland in it’s self… with gardens, butterfly parks, slides for kids! 🙂

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